Democrat — MO 2nd District

Proud to Announce My Candidacy for Congress

My name is John Messmer.  My wife and two children and I live in south St. Louis County. I’m a life-long St. Louisan. And I’m a political science professor at St. Louis Community College.

Today, I am excited to announce that I am running for the United States Congress.

Congress is failing the American people. That needs to change, so that is why I’m running. Fixing Congress must be our priority. This is why I am making political reform the focus of my campaign.

Congress cannot and will not fix itself. There are reformers currently in Congress, but they need help. I am appealing to the voters of the 2nd District in Missouri – all the voters in the district – Independents and Republicans as well as Democrats, to support reform by choosing a true reformer to be their representative.

I believe that I am the best candidate. Here’s why:

First, I am the only candidate that is running on a reform agenda and who believes that such reforms must be a priority.  By specifically tackling campaign finance reform, election reform, and ethics reform I will team up with other reformers to return the “people’s branch” back to the people. It’s not that these reforms need to be considered the most important issues, but they need to be considered among our first. My opponents inexcusably think that Congress will miraculously fix itself. It won’t.

Second, I am the only candidate with a plan. I have a 15-point plan that I will initiate in my first 100 days in office. My Republican and Democratic opponents have not made reform a priority. And they naively think that Congress can be fixed without a plan and without working together.  It can’t.

And finally, I am the only candidate that can appeal to moderates and independents. Like hundreds of other Congressional districts, the Missouri 2nd district is gerrymandered to always give one party an advantage over the other. To have any chance of winning, we need a candidate that can appeal to independents, moderates, and others that feel disgusted with “politics as usual.” My Republican and Democratic opponents think voters don’t care about reform. They’re wrong.

The definition of political insanity is trotting out the same candidates, campaigning the same way, but expecting different results. For Democrats to win the 2nd Congressional district we must appeal to independents and moderates. We must tackle Congressional dysfunction and offer real solutions. That starts by nominating a Democrat committed to a reform agenda. I am that Democrat.

I look forward to this campaign, meeting as many people as possible, and listening to their concerns.  For more details about me, my 15-point plan, where I stand on the issues, and about why I believe reform is so important, please visit my website at

Thank you.


End Corruption. Demand reform.
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